Project billing

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Progress Billings

Billing by the project can allow you to make a ridiculous ROI on your time, but it can also really hurt you if you work with a client who looks at your engagement as an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Pros: You charge for the value you produce. When you create a Project, you’ll need to select a Billing are four billing methods and each one is explained with additional detail: Hourly Staff Rate.

Progress Billings

If you have Staff in your account, their rate is how much your Client will be billed regardless of the Task the hours are logged against. Getting paid. In an industry where projects are your products, billable services, investments and expenses tied to projects are the lifeline of a professional services organization.

NYC REACH assists New York City-based independently owned private practices, community health centers, and hospital ambulatory-based sites with adopting and implementing health information systems, quality improvement, and practice transformation initiatives.

Project billing
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