Exploring boilng points lab

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Properties of Alcohols

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Skittles Science: Exploring Water Stratification

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Hot and Cold Investigation

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View Lab Report - Exploring Boiling Points from CHEM at Queens College, CUNY. 1 Exploring Boiling Points Introduction: During your time studying general chemistry you will learn many different. Exploring Boiling Points Christmead Dorcely Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Queens College Chem Spring Lab #1 02/01/17 Daiki Okamoto ABSTRACT In this experiment we are given a trend relating to molar mass and boiling points%(6).

POST LAB OBJECTIVES: 1. Analyzing the water cycle. 2. Exploring how water moves on the surface of the Earth. VOCABULARY: condensation evaporation glacier ground water precipitation water vapor water MATERIALS: worksheet BACKGROUND: The Earth is made up of both land and water.

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When water is heated it changes from the liquid to the gas water vapor. 1 CH Lab 1 Boiling Points of Liquids(F14) Boiling Point of Liquids How is the boiling point of a molecule related to its structure? (Adapted from: Thomas Greenbowe, Iowa State University). Distinguishing Between Ionic and Covalent Compounds Lab Purpose: Physical properties of a substance such as melting point, conductivity (the ability to carry an electric current), and solubility can tell us a lot about the type of bond in a compound.

Since ionic. Melting point of mixture of unknown compound and known compound If the melting point is the same/similar to the melting point of the unknown compound or the .

Exploring boilng points lab
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