Education system in saudi arabia

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Education System in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s education system in the spotlight again

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The needs in the Basic Kingdom which provide distance learning in Saudi Nepal include the University of Academic. Education Structure in Saudi Arabia: Our system, the Saudi education system, is based on four levels like the rest of the world, Primary, Elementary, Intermediate and secondary, after which the pupils have an option to opt for specialized Higher education in the fields of social sciences, medicine, engineering etc.

The problem is not in the structure of the system of education but in its functional aspect. Primary Education.

What Type Of Education System Does Saudi Arabia Have?

In Saudi Arabia primary education through to high school is open to everybody and is free. Children may attend kindergartens as parents wish. At age 6 though, they must enroll for 6 years at primary school. These are day schools only, and are not co-educational. Saudi Arabia's first educational system was modeled on Egypt's system, which, in turn, was heavily influenced by the French educational model.

Saudi Arabia's educational system was designed to observe the teachings of Islam, disseminate knowledge, and construct schools. Background Educational System in Saudi Arabia The objectives of the Saudi educational policy are to ensure that education becomes more efficient, to meet the religious, economic and social needs of the country and to eradicate illiteracy among Saudi adults.

Education in Saudi Arabia is in the spotlight again with the appointment of a new minister for this famously problematic ministry. In fact, education has always been a main concern for Saudi.

Education System in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, boys and girls study in separate classrooms. Boys and girls have the same curriculum and take the same yearly exams. Additionally, boys are given a traditional Islamic education. Structure Of The Educational System Of Saudi Arabia.

Each level of education has a specific set of goals and objectives for the curriculum of its students.

Education system in saudi arabia
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