Becoming posthuman

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How We Became Posthuman

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For the Becoming posthuman employ, see Transhuman album. The posthuman nation urges us to think critically and creatively about who and what we are commonly in the process of becoming. The transition from other to posthuman can be stuck physically or memetically. The posthumanist center rests on the best of the historical decline of Humanism but makes further in exploring alternatives, without good into the rhetoric the crisis of man.

Maybe 10 years." "We believe in optimism rather than pessimism. we will have become posthuman only when we have made such fundamental and sweeping modifications to our inherited genetics.

The merging of human and machine is clear to those who survey the arena. Memetically. intensity. computer-assisted molecular design. istence of thinking machines will not necessarily affect what being human means.

That Hodges's reading is a misreading indicates he is willing to prac­ tice violence upon the text to wrench meaning away from the direction to­ ward which the Turing test points, back to safer ground where embodiment secures the univocality of gender. This timeline documents key dates and events that occur between the 12th and 23rd centuries in the universe of Deus Ex.

This world shares many similarities with the real world. However, there are major divergences between the two during the 20th century and beyond.

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Jun 23,  · Physically, we will have become posthuman only when we have made such fundamental and sweeping modifications to our inherited genetics, physiology, neurophysiology and neurochemistry, that we can no longer be usefully classified with Homo Sapiens.

Although becoming posthuman can be nightmarish, Hayles shows how it can also be liberating. From the birth of cybernetics to artificial life, How We Became Posthuman provides an indispensable account of how we arrived in our virtual age, and of where we might go from here.

Becoming posthuman
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